Sometimes, moles are more than just moles

5 Common Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has been proven to be a great way to remove hair for a long period of time and, for some people, it goes away for good (and for those for whom it is not permanently removed, it often reappears in a lighter, finer form). Having said that, there are usually a number of side effects that are associated with laser hair removal that are quite common. Usually, your laser technician will be more than happy to discuss these issues with you. Read More 

Hidradentitis Suppurativa: What You Need To Know

In certain areas of the body, your skin is particularly sensitive to disease, infection and irritation. The armpits, the groin and the buttocks are all particularly sensitive, and some people suffer with serious and often unpleasant conditions in these places. Hidradentitis suppurativa is a painful condition that can affect people of all ages. Find out what causes this condition, and learn more about the treatment options available to sufferers. Prevalence and risk factors Read More 

Effective Nonsurgical Treatment Options For Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is a common medical condition among children and adults of all ages. It can lead to intense pain, swelling and even infection, if not properly treated. Surgery is the standard treatment option for ingrown toenails among many medical practitioners; however, considerable promise has been shown by nonsurgical alternatives. Below is information about the different causes of ingrown toenails as well as some of the latest and best nonsurgical treatments: Read More 

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Sometimes, moles are more than just moles

Do you have a lot of moles on your body that you don't like the appearance of? Are some of your moles changing colors? Sometimes, moles are more than just moles. Do you know how to tell the difference? Do you know if the moles that bother you can be removed? I had three moles on my face that began to get larger as I got older. Around my 35th birthday, I went to see a dermatologist for help. There, I learned that moles can actually be signs of something more seriously wrong and how to identify moles that are more than just moles. Visit my website to find out what I learned.


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